Why so glum?

They say that being published will not change you. They say that being bitter early in the game is both a bad sign, and a predictor of future success. They say that perseverance is the key to breaking into the market. They also said the world was flat.
I began this blog to vent the frustrations of an author in pursuit. Gee, that’s never been done.
This is more for my health than for the pragmatism of it. I need to tell what part of the world wanders past this blog by accident, how frustrating it is to read 20 something different guides on how to write a professional query letter.  Yeah, I know that each individual agent is different from the next…thank you captain obvious. What confuses me is not the subtle stuff, it’s the universal rights and wrongs that they all claim. It’s a little like religion if you ask me, everyone has a monopoly on truth.
On another note, trying to find an agent is somewhat like dating. I assume this is not a new analogy. It just strikes me as funny every time I find myself getting overly hopeful. I just know this agent is right for me…sound familiar?
So, I suppose in a way that makes me single and searching. I have sent out a few queries, and like that first impression on a blind date, we’ll see.

If you happened to catch this blog early on…keep watching.

3 responses

  1. There is only one universal truth about a query letter: it has to catch the agent’s attention and make him/her think, “I might be onto something here!” That’s all. However you can do that, do it. Good luck with your goals!

  2. Thanks, good luck to you too! I feel relatively solid on my most recent query letter, but only because it was proofed by a former submission editor who has gone freelance. 😉

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