The written word and all its worth…

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs this morning, sifting through the archive and found this little gem:

F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorites and I found this brief commentary powerful, heartbreaking and poignant. I also found it mildly entertaining. With my recent feelings about the state of things in the publishing world being so grim, and with consideration of how much crap is being praised as ‘fresh’ and ‘urban’, I smiled, drank more coffee and wondered how we let it get this far? Where did we give up literary value for shock factor, or merit for quick entertainment? Sure, I might get a kick for a day over reading some of the nameless drugstore drivel out there, but does it last? Do I find myself pondering over the characters or the worlds they populate, days later? Sadly, no.

It’s been quite a while since I read something truly fresh. My personal taste is for fantasy work, but literary and fantasy fiction are not mutually exclusive. But, I relent. I fear I am standing on a rotting soapbox here…

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  1. I’m wondering if we are jumping into the publishing world at the right time these days? I confess, I’ll sit and read the nameless drugstore drivel, as you say, but I agree, I forget about the characters a few days later. Lately I’ve been reading Robert Jordan and I’m noticing that he’s the kind of writer that you fall in love with his characters and keep on wanting to know what they are up to. My husband has also read them, so it gives us something to talk about which is nice also. I want to write a book like that. I want people to care about my characters, not just read my novel to pass time while standing in line waiting for life to begin, does that make sense?

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