Because Underwater Basket Weaving Should be a Profession…

Ella Belle

Ella Belle

I am grateful for the blessings in my life. I just thought I would throw that out there. I spend an awful lot of time complaining, so I wanted to take a moment to just, breathe, and be glad that I am alive, healthy and doing what I want for a living. (Sort of, if you can call writing for pittance a living)

I have been writing articles now as a staff writer for Demand Studios, for a little over three weeks. I haven’t totally committed full time effort yet (if you are reading this on facebook, you know why–Sulfa is NOT my friend). But, in the time I have spent penning mindless drivel, it has turned mildly fruitful. Could I do this the rest of my life? Haha, no. Its fun, but I would go mad. I can only handle so much from copy editors. Which brings me to my point today.

Writing is different when you are doing it for pay. Period. I could stop right there (you know I won’t), and leave it at that. No need to explain. But, there are many, many, MANY authors and writers who thrive on feedback and support from others. Most of them do quite well. Me–not so much. I would rather write alone and enjoy the solitude of the worlds I create. Sounds lonely, but it isn’t really. It would be like a violinist who played only for the love of playing. I don’t like an audience (not when it comes to novel writing).

What I have discovered, in this drivel writing career, is that I am terribly skilled at doing ‘nothing.’ I can do it anywhere. I have always considered myself a connoisseur of comfort and all things relaxed, but this brings it to a new and staggering level of laziness. or rather, intentional psycho-physiological sedation. See, I don’t care to be type A. I am purposeful in my serenity and lack of busyness. I think there is a deep state of meditation that comes after decisions to let life go (or deep BS, I haven’t decided which). I have been writing mostly health/nutrition and medical articles, but the ones I enjoy the most are the ones about comfort, health spas, and relaxation. I guess that’s when I started to realize, where I am gifted. I don’t necessarily want to be a professional counselor–like the Master’s degree I am procrastinating on, will likely make me. I would rather be a relaxation coach, per say. I need to create a whole profession out of teaching people how to be self-indulgent and at one with their inner couch potato. See, you are already thinking about taking a hot bath or taking an afternoon nap…

I need to stop putting off the drivel that needs to be penned today…and a rewrite that makes me want to scream. so, thanks as always for listening. If you have stumbled upon this on my facebook page, check out the actual blog.

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