The Winds are Shifting

The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.  ~Ellen Glasgow

If there ever comes a time in my life where I don’t have nine hundred and ninety-nine things going on at once, you might need to check my pulse. There probably won’t be one.

While I was on Major Writing Hiatus #2, we stayed with two dear friends at our family lake cabin. While there, we saw that my husband’s grandparents’ old home (which sold five years ago) was back on the market after being beautifully restored and updated. Now, after just a couple weeks of being home, I’m packing boxes and advertising our house for rental. In other words…we’re buying the house and moving to the country. Talbotton GA to be exact. Small town America.

How does this relate to writing? Why should you care? Well, this shift in my world is going to allow for some rather large changes in how I go about my day to day, including the ability to focus more on doing things for the website that I’ve secretly been working on for awhile now, (still in construction so don’t bother looking yet).

You see, I’ve noticed something—a big gap in the sorts of things on the market now–and I intend to provide a place for writers to go and fill that gap. What kind of gap? The kind of gap that deals with the emotional, unavoidable part of BEING an author. I’m halfway through a master’s degree in counseling and it’s damn time I put some of my skills to work. We’ll be hosting webinars and eventually those webinars will be sold as course downloads. No forum, no critique circle, none of the typical stuff. No job boards, or what nots. Some of the course titles we’re playing with are:

“I’m OK, They’re OK: The art of dealing with rejection.”

“Office Politics: All authors are equal, some are just more equal than others”

“Sculpting the Ether: Crit groups etc.” (Learn the value of funneling external feedback from alphas and betas)

“Where’s Waldo: Social network survival skills for your emotional sanity”

In addition to that, there will be a section of the site where a P.O. Box will be listed. There, authors will be encouraged to send pictures of the creative things they’ve done with rejection letters. Or, if they are legally (and morally) able to mail what they’ve done with the actual letters, they may also do that. What am I talking about?

A paper mache toilet, made entirely of rejection letters (this would clearly be a picture, unless you just REALLY wanted to send me a toilet). The best ones will get posted. Who knows, maybe we’ll host a contest every year if enough authors participate.

The idea with all of this is to draw together a community of writers that has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of becoming better writers. There won’t be talks on grammar rules, or how to get an agent, or how to format a manuscript submission. This is about true fellowship and communion in the purest sense of the words. This is about becoming better storytellers through listening to each other’s real stories. Those are the most important ones anyway. This is where you can come and get things like…accountability. There are months where I KNOW I would pay someone to kick me in the ass every couple of days. We’ll be providing that. Need a phone call? Done. Need a nastygram texted to your phone to spur you on to keep to that schedule you’ve been dodging? Done.

Ien Nivens, my partner in crime, will also be listing services such as editing, manuscript evaluation, etc. I’ll be doing mainly the webinars, ala cart stuff (such as the accountability service) and one on one coaching. But, we’ll keep you informed on the details as they solidify. This isn’t one of those “good” ideas that doesn’t come to fruition. I’ve already purchased the domain and registered the business name as an LLC.

So, long story short, there are cool things on the horizon. The winds are shifting for me professionally and personally and THANK YOU GOD, I’m finally able to put some of that property management training into use for my own profit. Know anyone who needs a CUTE rental house in Columbus, GA?

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  1. lol, well….I kind of don’t have the guts either. We got pre-approved and everything, even had renters possibly lined up and I got cold feet. We’re putting our house on the market first. Even after five years of property management, I just don’t want to deal with renters again. Lease to own is about all I’ll do and even then it would need to be the kind of lease to own where they take full responsibility over the house while they are in it, and put down a LARGE down payment when they move in. Ya know?? Cover my bases. Talbotton, where the other house is, doesn’t move houses fast at all, so it’ll still be there once we get this one unloaded.

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