By the Power of Greyskull!

“My heart, the garbage disposal of my soul, should it ever demand any less of me, I’d cease to exist. Still, there are times when the damn thing just stinks of decaying waste. Let us hope this is not one of those times …” ~Breanne Braddy

Does it freak you out that I just quoted myself? I hate it when people do that … but this one time I’ve made an exception. I mean … I am technically writing under my pen name here.

So why now? Because today, my friends and fellow authors/readers/bloggers … I turn 30. Bear with me, I promise this will relate to writing.

That quote was something I said in a status update on my wall, nearly a full year ago. It was attached to a post entitled, “No Small Measure,” originally written here April 11, 2010. The post was about depression and madness, and all of those things that seem to dog our heels as creative souls. That isn’t meant to sound melodramatic or self-absorbed, rather, bluntly realistic. Our world isn’t like everyone else’s. It will never be. And I think, personally, it’s taken me 30 years to get used to that idea.

We’re often asked where our ideas come from. Books have been written on how to conjure the muse (mine is a bitch, but generally complies with promises of chocolate or vodka). But … where do our ideas come from?


What leads us to chose a certain character’s name in particular, out of the multitude of reasonable options? What causes us to take note of the brownish grime on our mother’s friend’s stove, or the yellow hue of the doily on the nearby coffee table? Why do we notice the patterns and lyricism in the actions of our family and friends? Are we born this way?

We’re old souls who have lived, if but for a moment, some part of each tale we pen. This is no less a feat than those composures who begun their toiling work at the tender age of 5—still a youth—or those who recount great battles and lives from times they’re far too young to have been educated on. Somehow … we know these things like a mother knows the sound of her child’s cry, like a sailor knows the temperament of the sea. They are, and we cannot ever recall a time when they were not.

Think back on your childhood … despite any traumas or upsets … was there ever a time when you weren’t creating something?

You could perhaps say simply that we just never stopped playing make-believe. But, it wasn’t quite that … simple, was it? We saw, experienced, something altogether different from our peers. We told stories even then, with every available method, at every opportune time.

And some really inopportune times (say, retelling dad’s dirty joke in the middle of children’s church at First Methodist).

But, we’re not normal. And … I’m OK with that. Really. If I weren’t neurotic, and believe me I am, then I wouldn’t be able to write the way that I do. And despite how anyone else sees my work, I’m happy with that too. Maybe that’s what growing up is all about—coming to terms with one’s self and making peace with the demons. Who knows.

SO, why is there a picture of She-Ra in this post? Because I lived, ate, breathed and slept Masters of the Universe when I was a kid. And turning old has me thinking back on all things retro. That artistic rendition is as grown-up a version of my childhood favorite as I could find (that wasn’t ridiculous). My deepest apologies if you’re not familiar with who She-Ra is.

But, the question of the day is this: What word/name in Guardians of Legend pays tribute to Masters of the Universe? Winner gets a free signed paperback of Son of Ereubus. No, I’m not kidding. I’m feeling generous. Leave your answer in the comments. And this isn’t a marketing ploy, I’m morbidly curious to see if anyone caught it.

16 responses

  1. I’m about to have to out myself as a gargantuan nerd, but there’s 80’s cartoon trivia on the line.

    I already have a beautiful, signed copy of SoE (thankyouverymuch), so I won’t derp someone out of an awesome prize, and will therefore email you my guess.

    Remind me to tell you about the time I watched every single episode of Thundercats back to back (last year), plumbing for ideas. 😀

    • Damn, I’d forgotten about him. Micah, in the book, was actually named for a resident of mine from Columbus Park 🙂

  2. With a title like that you had me. The Saturday mornings of my youth came flooding back. Ah, those were the days. Fruit loops in a plastic bowl, going blind from sitting in front of the floor model Zenith, and swearing I could do a better job than She-Ra. But that was years ago, a few years more than you.

    You are 30.

    I will be 35 in a month. Wow, the power of typing that. I shudder.

    You’ve accomplished a lot. I mean really, you’ve accomplished more than some people do in a lifetime.

    Happy birthday and here’s to many more.

  3. I’ve been acting since I was in 7th grade when a director tossed a script at me and asked if I’d be able to memorize the lines. She later told us young actors that we would save ourselves, and the world, a lot of confusion if we would just admit to ourselves and everyone else that we are compleately nuts.

    So, from one creative soul to another, I can totally relate!

    PS…I’ve added you to my blogroll as well! Keep in touch.

  4. I cannot answer the last question, as I have had too much on my plate recently to actually get the book and find out 😦 *blushes violently* But I’m about to here when things pan out…this is not an excuse!!

    Otherwise, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope it’s been a wonderful one and I hope you find many joys in the year of the big 3-0.

  5. I loved She-Ra. I wanted to be her. Big boobs and buff.
    My guess is Arcadia. Heman was the Prince of Arcadia (My 9 year old has been watching Heman on Netflix, so I didn’t even have to google it).

    Although, you should probably give someone else the copy of SOE, since I have one. Unless you want me to give it away on my blog as part of a contest.


    • OMG, I forgot about that one too. The answer, technically is Adoria, but yeah … now that you mention it, I must have had that somewhere in the back of my head. Though, Arcadia is a real place and it seems like I did a report on it for 7th grade geography.

  6. Looks like you had more references to Masters than even *you* thought, Breanne! Love it. Just goes to prove how active our subconsciousness is even when we don’t realize it.

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