Yup, because again, some things are totally worth repeating. I’m feeling a little nostalgic this weekend.

Welcome to the Asylum

Every man has his own courage, and is betrayed because he seeks in himself the courage of other persons.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whoever told you that courage wasn’t necessary to write was either lying, or…well—no, they were simply lying. In an author’s life, just as in the life of any sentient being, he will come against a multitude of personal demons, none of which are merciful and all of which try his soul just as much as anything tangible would, provided he is any artist at all.

Every word we write, every world we craft, every essay we conjure the courage to post, everything that we allow to cross over from that tenuous, indescribable place and into the real world, leaves us vulnerable. It’s no secret that many authors have struggled against anxiety, depression, a plethora of unmentionables, and at times even madness itself. But why?

Because we see what…

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  1. First all, got to say I love this picture. It’s like a Norman Rockwell that got overtaken by Dark Shadows or something.

    Being quite the nutcase myself, I really liked this post :p One of the reasons that writing is so important to me is that I know someone out there will relate in someway to my work and find solace and perhaps even strength from it. Going through the things I’ve been through, and feeling the things that I’ve felt, odd as some of them are, I know I can hardly be the only one on this kind of road, and if my own pains can help someone else, it will at least make putting up with some of this junk worth it.

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