Interviews and Praise

Where else can you find me online? Well, here are a handful of interviews, reviews, and the like … if you click on the link you can read the whole thing.

Interview at Triple R

John Pyle Photography Interview & Photo Shoot

Best Damn Creative Writing Blog’s Review of Son of Ereubus

“Betrayal and allied destinies are hidden beneath the thick tapestry of plot and undertone in  J.S. Chancellor’s Son of Ereubus.  The first in her Guardians of Legend trilogy, Chancellor has created a rich character-driven fantasy, unique to a genre where mythology and world-building can sometimes overpower all else. She manages this with eloquent character development and dynamic, unforeseen plot arcs.”

A.J. and Charli Bite Back’s Review of Son of Ereubus

“A few months ago she highjacked A.J. & Charli Bite Back. I knew it then. This author would be,will be, BIG. Before I begin my review of this book, which left me salivating for more, please allow me to pay honor to this wonderfully gifted author with a comparison to J.R.R. Tolkien, the prolific English novelist who penned the enormously successful, Lord Of The Rings tales. His incredible ability to world build on a grand scale can clearly be seen in Chancellor’s work. Both are, undeniably, masterful story tellers which will, as Tolkien has, live into legend.”

Anthony Pacheco’s Review of Son of Ereubus

“Garren is the anti-hero and even before he grasps the ugly horns of self-determination, he strangely becomes a sympathetic figure. How Chancellor made me feel pangs of sympathy for such an evil fuck, I have no idea. Chancellor’s voicing with Garren is as complex at the mythos and plotting of the novel. She tricks the reader into thinking Ariana is a creature of chaos—wherever she goes, she sows the seeds of change. Compared to Garren, however, Ariana is a piker.

This is what pulls Son of Ereubus into brilliant epic fantasy. The creepy Armageddon undercurrents with the intertwining, complex plot and mythos combined with outstanding character voices come together in a wondrous opening novel of a trilogy.”

Berkshire Fine Arts’ Review of Son of Ereubus

“It is this patterning of light-within-dark, of soul divorced from body and of the impulse to rescue what might still be saved–even if in a compromised state–set against the pragmatism of retreat, of withdrawal from the inevitability of corruption and the contagion of evil–this flickering back and forth between warring tendencies–that Chancellor manages like a street magician dancing a black-and-silver coin across the backs of her fingers.”

Mary Kennedy’s Review of Son of Ereubus

 “Very rarely is there a book that I don’t know where it is going or how everything is going to turn out.  That is rare in a writer. Most copy after older writers ( I too am guilty of this), but not Chancellor.  The entire story is so fresh that even though there are hints of Romeo and Juliet, it is not, even though one can see elements of other fantasy stories, the tale of  King Arthur, the Lord of the Rings, the Shanara books,  The Son of Ereubus sets itself apart.  The highest praise I can give to any work of fiction is this : it is totally original. Completely new.  I recommend this book to any one who is a fan of fantasy, or has a child who is a fantasy reader.  I would recommend this title for anyone teens or older, but of course, defer to your sense and knowledge of your child’s knowledge and maturity.

I rate every book I read out of five stars. In the last 3 years I have give 5 stars to only 2 books. I am proud to list this book as the third of these to receive a full 5 stars. And thank you to the author for being no one but yourself, as this book by itself, in being so original shows all of us that being different is not bad, but often rewarded.  The Son of Ereubus will be remembered among classics as I feel it is ushering in a whole new era of fantasy writing.”

Women’s Creative Life Link Interview
 (This one actually uses my real name, just FYI)

One Writer’s Journey Interview

One, Two, Three … and There Were Books Interview

Epertase Interview & Review of Son of Ereubus

“As a writer I am sometimes overcritical when I’m reading someone else’s work. Even when I’m not trying, I subconsciously pick out things I would do differently or words I would use instead of the ones being used. It’s not that I’m trying to be a jerk or hyper-critical when I do this, but sometimes it just happens.

But then there are the other times—the times when the writing is so spectacular, or the voice is so strong that I find myself inspired, looking deeper within my own writing soul for ways to be better. Once I find a writer that does that to me, I’m hooked for life. Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson come to mind right away. But I have found another author who can sign me up for anything she writes. She is fellow Rhemalda author, JS Chancellor. Her debut novel, Guardians of Legend Book One: Son of Ereubus is a must have for all fantasy fans. While reading Ereubus, I was in awe of every word Ms. Chancellor painted onto the page.”

Parchment Leaves’ Review of Son of Ereubus

“This book is tough to review, because there is no straight storyline in this book. This is not a bad thing in the slightest… in fact – it’s brilliant, because you are always left craving for more and more. With this series, the author is weaving a blanket, not just a scarf. There might be many storylines, but they all fit together. Some of the storylines are answered in this book, and some are not – but will be in the next book or two. I can’t wait to get my hands on them! J.S. Chancellor’s new book has seriously cut the cake of new epic fantasy.
Walter Rhein Interview.”

Walter Rhein’s Review of Son of Ereubus

“I’ve just finished J.S. Chancellor’s “Son of Ereubus” and my initial reaction is that this is the type of book that gets you thinking. Although it’s a fantasy, there is very little “sword and sorcery.” Instead, it is a character driven work that follows the lives of several flawed and interesting individuals. The main narrative hooks are not inevitable showdowns between obvious representations of good and evil, but are instead created by the convoluted secrets and misconceptions that develop out of intimate, long-enduring relationships. It’s a different kind of fantasy, but I’m sure that if you give it a chance, this book will grab you.”


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