Upward Mobility in a Downward World

So, I’ve done the deed. I turned in a two week notice to my perfectly fine, but absolutely miserable job.  Ask me if I had something lined up. Haha, nope. Not a thing. Not even a shadow of something. But, there are times in your life when you’ve just gotta do what you know is the right thing for you…whether it makes sense to everyone else in your life or not. So, I did.

I knew my husband would be able to pick up some part time gigs, paying three times what I could get paid, as a cop. And I had this vague notion that I might be able to do some freelance writing on the side. When I say vague, I mean microscopic. So, when I read of another blogger’s experience writing full time for Demand Studios, I checked it out. I sent in my resume, a writing sample and prayed. A lot. I’ve read they’re quite picky and it can take awhile to get on board or even hear back with a rejection. But, low and behold, I was accepted. I thought it was too good to be true, but there is something about filling out a W-9 that’s encouraging.

So, I suppose I’ve left security behind for freedom–as my friend put it. Am I freaked out? You bet. But honestly, there is a part of me that has come alive and feels completely renewed with the power of my own future. I control directly how much money I make and where I want to make it. I can write at Starbucks, or on the couch in my pj’s. This blows me away. I realize that there are freelance writers out there who make quadruple what I’ll be making, but by working 25 hours a week, I’ll make more than I make at my current job–so I’ll take the steady work.

And what’s most important to me–my novel writing–will finally be able to take center stage. I’ll still have a schedule. I think this is absolutely pivotal to making it on your own as a freelancer. I’ve always been organized and able to effectively manage my time. All that to say that I’ve never been so excited about something that could very well turn out to kick me in the ass three weeks from now. Hope abounds and my soul feels like its been revived. I know, dramatic much? Sorry, I don’t normally blog about my personal life, but as a writer we are still deeply connected to our every day lives. I’m learning this more and more everyday.

Now, telling my in-laws is a whole other story. I’ll get to that eventually, but hopefully it will be with a few checks in hand to show that I wasn’t completely out of my mind (I say that because my father-in-law does our taxes and will inevitably know if I fail at this). For now i have my own father’s grumbled acknowledgment of what I truly believe was a good decision. And that’s enough to contend with. One day at a time, folks. One day at a time.

As far as that novel writing goes, I am on the last few chapters of my fifth novel and wrapping up the last quarter of my fourth. I’ve been writing both of those on an alternating basis. Interesting endeavor since they are in different tenses. I don’t recommend it. And I owe some of you an apology–I’ve teased some of you for writing/reading about vampires and you have the right to call me a hypocrite because my fifth book is an urban fantasy…about vampires. Oops. I swore I wouldn’t, but what was supposed to be an exercise in first person morphed out of control and 86,000 words later–I have another novel. Who knew?

Some stories are just like that; they come crashing through your front door (or frontal lobe whichever the case) and demand quarter. Other stories have to cultivate for years and age before they can be written and they take every ounce of your soul as payment. I know, Fable is one of those series: Nine books total, only the first three are finished, Fable spans multiple worlds and has a truly epic cast of characters that range from a disgruntled warrior to a voracious pet dragon named Cryx. I will die with this story still on my heart.

Fable was born out of a dream I had when I was eleven. Let me share the beginnings of that dream with you:

The Ereubinians, gifted with the power to steal the human soul, rule Middengard: the realm of Man. In the beginning, Middengard was successful in defending its people, but as the first age of war came to an end, and the Ereubinians conquered the once legendary city of Eidolon, Man began to weaken in their resolve and a fable began to take shape; first in whispers heard at battle’s end, then in legends passed down from one generation to the next. Soon, myth became prayer and an unwavering faith in an unseen realm was born.

For centuries that fable fueled the vitality of the human heart, but eventually the free lands waned and Eidolon’s rule overshadowed the few that subsisted on their own. Finally only one stronghold, Palingard, remained.

As Palingard falls, three individuals will discover that their lives are intertwined, and everything they once thought to be truth will be irrevocably changed…

Ariana, spared in Palingard by her would-be captor, journeys in her father’s last known footsteps only to discover that not only are the legends of Adoria real—she is more a part of them than she could ever imagine.

Garren, High Lord Commander of Eidolon, and sworn enemy of Adoria, must grapple with his suddenly waning faith after he saves the life of a girl in Palingard, and weigh what remains of it against the light he never knew existed.

Michael, sovereign ruler of Adoria, bears the same burden of guardianship as that of his forefathers, but when the divide that has always protected Adoria fails, and an elaborate conspiracy to keep his sister’s existence from him is revealed, he must decide if man’s soul can still be saved – and at what cost.