**All the images on this post were taken by John Pyle Photography, Makeup by Stephanie Kelly, for an article you can find here. The rights for these images also belong to JPyle photography and may not be used for any reason without permission. **

This is the page where you find out all sorts of juicy bits about the author, right? Since the “about me” page didn’t give much away? Well, frankly, I’m just not all that interesting and do you really give a damn where I was born and raised anyway? I didn’t think so…

Fine…here are some random tidbits about me:

*I love Law and Order
*I love thunderstorms, but I’m terrified of either driving in them or riding through them
*I loathe warm weather and if given the choice, I’d live in snow year round
*I’m addicted to coffee, cheese, chocolate and anything spicy
*I like dogs more than people
*My music tastes range anywhere from Enya to Nine Inch Nails (much to my parents’ chagrin, mind you)
*I’ll never turn down an opportunity to read a good horror book or watch a good horror flick (even the really cheesy ones)
*Hooked on the Sci-fi channel (it’ll never be Syfy in my mind, so shut up)
*My bark is worse than my bite….usually…
*I enjoy chronic insomnia, long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners
*The first author I really fell for was L.J. Smith and The Forbidden Game Trilogy (I think I was 12), followed by Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine
*I have a serious sweet tooth
*I live in pajamas
*I secretly wish I was an ice-skater
*Or a master pianist
*Or a Jedi
*My favorite movie of all time isn’t LOTR or Star Wars, but The Burbs, with Tom Hanks (“There are these people in my parents’ house and they’re eating all of their food!”)
*I loved vampires LONG before it was cool to love vampires. In fact, I got in a great deal of trouble for it when I was younger (don’t ask)…
*Deep down below all of the sarcasm and snark, I’m really nothing more than a bunch of flesh and bones and organs. No really…there’s nothing else. What did you think I was going to say?
*I’m weird about food … I usually have a “fav” meal I’ll order from any given place, and I normally don’t deviate from it much. On a rare occasion, I’ll get a wild hair and change something new.
*I’m working on a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.
*I love cigars.
*I’d eat hot wings every day of every week if I could.
*I desperately want to go to Ireland.
*I love techno/industrial music
*I have Trigeminal Neuralgia (don’t give me that look, just google it if you’re that curious)

*My favorite foods are breakfast foods; bacon, eggs, OJ…
*All of my novels are tied together, cross genre, whether they appear to be or not
*I have immortalized my enemies through fiction, though I’ll never tell who they are….
*The mug I have in my hand, in the first picture (on the bridge) is my favorite mug of all time. It used to belong to my dad. I’ve been told it was his first mug, from his first job. But, since he doesn’t drink coffee, I’m not sure what he put in it. Maybe I should ask
*The necklace I’m wearing in these pictures was made for me by two dear friends, Vin and Michelle Jensen. It’s a rendering of the clasp on Garren’s cloak on the cover of Son of Ereubus
*The place we did these shots, is the lake cabin that I mention from time to time. There isn’t a good shot of the HUGE fireplace, but it’s the largest one I’ve ever seen in a private residence (Biltmore aside)
*My drink of choice is orange juice and vodka
*My favorite donut is cinnamon, but I’ll eat chocolate and blueberry. I HATE the jelly filled ones. Bleck.
*I think the best hangover cure is hot and spicy chicken soup and a bloody mary. Works every single time.

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